Soaring Beyond Expectations

The School District of Palm Beach County received two STEM grants (Inquiry Lab and Investigations Lab) under Florida's 21st Century Community Learning Centers Initiative. Awarded by the Florida Department of Education, the STEM iLab Projects provide science, technology, and engineering activities to students at eight elementary schools.

21st Century Community Learning Centers

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The 21st CCLC iLabs focus on the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) curriculum to provide hands-on, inquiry-based projects that teach and reinforce reading, writing, mathematics, and science standards through engineering and science experiments. The projects supplement the regular school day by providing an additional certified teacher specifically for the STEM iLab. The 21st CCLC project goals, objectives, and activities for all participating students are designed to: (1) improve academic performance (mathematics, reading, and science); (2) increase social competence and teamwork; and (3) increase parent involvement and family literacy.